He didn’t consider himself an artist for a very long time, until, one day he decided to analyze the purpose and nature of his work.
No suitable „category“ described his urban inclination and expressive process which is very close to classic activist and performative art. For this reason he decided to call it EPHEMERALISM. Ephemaralism has the purpose of producing artworks that have to exist briefly in space but limitlessly in time through photography, video and the media.



A provocative performance/installation that contextualizes the concept of Hikikomori (a social phenomenon developed in Japan in the 80s and 90s but, at present, is spreading, even in America and Europe) in the life of an artist, making him invisible. In our days the competition, the social system and the false relations typical of our society can exasperate this phenomenon (also because of the media, Internet and virtual lives/relations) till to exclude people and close them in their homes and increasing in this way the born of a ‘ghost city’: citizens remain in their home in a sort of social alienation without have social and external relationship.
The aim is to demonstrate that a person (in this case an artist) who chooses isolation, who decides to stop showing his works and his emotions is a problem for society: it’s a way to show that the silence and marginalization can be much more descructive of the dangers that we see everyday on the streets (crime, economic hardship, theft, accidents, etc.).

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