The MS ARTVILLE festival is calling for artists who want to be part of the festival next summer in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

About the festival: MS ARTVILLE is an art festival located in the harbor area of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. The festival developed within the context of the annual music festival MS DOCKVILLE that has been taking place in Hamburg every year since 2007. Since then, MS ARTVILLE has been assembling well-known artists and young talents from all over the world to create a large scale outdoor urban and contemporary art gallery that is open to the public throughout the summer.

The mission: In 2019 MS ARTVILLE festival is calling for artworks that revolve around the topic of „morgen:“. „morgen“ has two meanings in German – it is either translated with “tomorrow” or “(the) morning”. As the curatorial theme of MS ARTVILLE 2019, „morgen:“ can be interpreted as an art festival that is looking for visions of a prospering tomorrow or a brighter morning. All pieces that will be created for MS ARTVILLE will also be shown at MS DOCKVILLE, Hamburg’s biggest festival for music and art with over 60.000 visitors over four days.

In the words of the festival’s curator Rudolf Klöckner (urbanshit): „urban art is probably the most democratic art movement that exists. It is like a permanent exhibition in public spaces that takes place unasked and permanently, meeting everyone and calling for dialogue. We should use the urge and the opportunity of this movement to start a discourse about art, without presetting artificial genre discussions. The idea is to talk about „morgen:“ by creating art and an artistic vision of tomorrow. To achieve this, established artists and young talents work side by side under the vision of „morgen:“ to develop new perspectives and approaches – ideally both sides will benefit equally from this exchange. Central topics are global problems arising from the social and environmental context, identity issues and the relationship between the media and society. Art as a mirror of the present engages topics such as consumption, sustainability, transformation, urbanity, power structures and political grievances trying to create visibility as well as finding solutions to these occurring problems.“

Who can apply? Every artist that wants to be a part of the festival in summer 2019 can apply. You can apply individually or in small teams. The festival focus urban contemporary art but is open for all other disciplines of art.

Artwork restrictions: All artworks will be presented outside on the festival site. Installations, paintings and all other kind of art must be weatherproof and safe for highly frequented festival events. All artworks will be set up on-site. Each artist is responsible for set-up but will get professional support from the festival. There are a few spots to realize smaller wall paintings. If you are planning to paint a larger scale mural be sure to check with the festival beforehand so we can discuss possible options such as using containers. (Just drop an e-mail to:

Time schedule: The festival will be open to the public from July 20th until August 18th 2019. All artworks must be set up by the time of the opening. The main working period will be from July 1st until July 20th (setting up installations before will be possible if needed).

Budget: Each project can use a budget of max. 2.000 Euro, including material costs, travel and artist fees. Accommodation and catering will be provided by the festival.

Selection of artworks: The curator and festival team will choose up to three submissions from the open call in spring 2019.

Submissions: If you want to be part of the next MS ARTVILLE, please apply with a precise idea of an art project you want to realize at the festival in summer 2019. Please be sure to hand in all required information so we can get an all-round idea of the project, such as:

  • Detailed description of the art project you want to realize
  • Required budget including material costs, travel cost and artist fee
  • Artist porfolio

Please be so kind and send in your proposal in a single pdf-file. Don’t worry about larger file size and be sure to use or other file transfer services in case the file is too large for an e-mail. Please limit the main description of the idea to a single page of text including a sketch or picture to get a visual idea of the work.

Please send in your proposal via e-mail to:

Deadline: The open call ends on February 20th 2019

If you have any questions about the open call feel free to contact the festival team at any time.



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