How do we want to live tomorrow? A question that is perhaps more relevant this year than ever before. The world has become messier, more feverish, more polyphonic – we are in the midst of a historically open present: the future awaits design.

In 2021, MS ARTVILLE also wants to explore what today and tomorrow look like.

For this purpose, the festival for urban art from and for tomorrow will gather works, voices, discourses and moments over three weeks: the CROWD.

For today oscillates between closeness and distance: we feel connected in the face of a shared destiny, but remain in contact reduction. We inform ourselves and network ever faster, but the walls and dividing lines also grow. We are individuals as well as one of many; but we will not make it alone.

Today is both catastrophe and hope: the pandemic has robbed us of previous certainties and at the same time proved how resilient and creative people can be. We continue to face great challenges – climate change, injustice, authoritarian-reactionary politics. But this is also precisely why the future is an opportunity to do better together.

The question of the future can only be answered by all of us. We want to look for common positions, develop and question urban art of and for tomorrow. We want to live a discursive-artistic space and share, celebrate and explore this process with everyone. We want to be a community that seeks and shapes the diversity to come: the CROWD.


Because the CROWD is art.
We do not believe in a strict separation between art creators and recipients: It is precisely the shared experience and creation that makes MS ARTVILLE. We believe that art can question today’s certainties as well as bring tomorrow’s possibilities to life. For this purpose, we gather artists in the CROWD who create these works, interventions and moments and also visitors who perceive them and let them take effect.

Because the CROWD is discourse.
We do not believe in a future that emerges unquestioned: it is precisely times that are not yet here that can be shaped, made fairer and more diverse. We seek heterogeneity, contradiction and collective reflection. CROWD is a platform for debate and discourse in which we reflect together on what characterises the present and awaits the future with multi-voiced impulses, a symposium and all those interested.

Because the CROWD is participation.
We do not believe in a hierarchy of participants and visitors: CROWD is anti-authoritarian, accessible and open. We invite you to become part of it. We don’t want uncritical art consumption, but open up spaces for creative collaboration and discursive debate. It is the present and future of all of us – and that is how it should sound.

Because the CROWD is a festival.
We don’t believe that you can’t have fun if you want to make art: rather, we want to celebrate the present, the CROWD and the future in these three weeks. We want to exchange ideas, meet each other, collect moments and invite everyone to do this with us – to become part of the CROWD.

Because the CROWD is what shapes MS ARTVILLE 2021 and beyond:
An open, inclusive and participatory community that produces art together, debates and celebrates a wonderful festival of urban art for today and tomorrow. CROWD is a first answer to the question that guides us: How do we want to live tomorrow?