Crowd: the topic of MS ARTVILLE 2020, Festival for urban arts and future.


2019, MS ARTVILLE dedicated its whole festival to the idea of “morgen”; an exploration into the coming day(s) as well as a welcome. In 2020, the question of how we want to live tomorrow will be explored further by focusing on us: as individual, groups and society.

Future concerns each of us, as individuals as well as society. Who shapes tomorrow, where does it lead us? In collaboration with national and international artists, their artistic positions and works as well as an active and interested audience, we set out to discover and explore tomorrow. What our collective future as society and humanity looks like, how we might get there and which possibilities as well as dangers tomorrow offers: we’re searching questions, thoughts and answers concerning those themes. 

Crowd: a large number of persons gathered closely together; a crowd of angry people; any group or set of persons with something in common; audience; the common people, the masses. 

But crowd also is: 

Reality: the crowd exists in a variety of forms like Fridays For Future – presumably one of the biggest protest movements ever which explicitly uses the crowd and uses its effect. A badly needed effect, as global problems like climate catastrophes, social injustices and war won’t be solved without some kind of collective intelligence. 

Reservoir: There is so much knowledge, potential and power within and emerging from the crowd. Encyclopedias are written, projects financed, new structures are built as well as questioned. The role of the individual though might only show itself in the future 

Hazard?: The crowd might also be a danger – as the population grows, ressources dwindle and a planet B is nowhere in sight. 

The crowd produces, experiences, participates, debates and celebrates: MS ARTVILLE will not only examine, debate and influence future – it will also celebrate the days to come. It’s an invitation to the crowd, to enjoy music, dance and have fun: because it’s the crowd that makes a festival.