An open, interdisciplinary and progressive open-air gallery of contemporary art: every year, MS ARTVILLE presents a selection of international and national artists who deal with an overarching theme in a variety of ways. Works ranging from street art to installations to performances are created and presented to an interested public for four weeks at Wilhelmsburg’s Reiherstieg on the MS ARTVILLE grounds. Accompanied by various events such as RICHTFEST and BURGFEST, symposia and open days of art viewing, the art festival brings together an exciting view of socially active art every year.

The sponsor of MS ARTVILLE is Kunstfelder e.V. The non-profit association has been responsible for the organisation and production of the art festival since 2016. Kunstfelder e.V. is dedicated to both the promotion of art creation and the promotion of art reception. Since its founding, the primary goals of the association have been to support young, emerging artists in their artistic work and to make art and culture tangible and usable for everyone. To this end, spaces and fields are to be created that enable diverse artistic work beyond established structures.

To view the statutes of the association, please click here: Kunstfelder e.V. Statutes



Kunstfelder e.V. thrives on commitment and cooperation. Only in this way can the MS ARTVILLE be realised, events financed and artistic ideas implemented.
We would be very happy to win you as a supporter!

In order to realise the art and event formats, we need the support of institutional supporters and sponsors from the private sector. If you are interested in supporting the work of Kunstfelder e.V. or in sponsoring it with your company, please contact us! We will be happy to work out suitable concepts for your commitment in a personal meeting.

Contact Fundraising: arne.empen@kunstfelder-ev.de

You can also support Kunstfelder e.V. and MS ARTVILLE with a donation. Every monetary donation goes directly to the realisation of art projects and the support of artists. This takes the form of funding for travel expenses, accommodation and meals, small fees or the purchase of special materials.
In addition to monetary donations, we also accept donations in kind, which we use specifically for the realisation of artworks. We will gladly send you a list of currently required materials on request.
Of course, we issue a tax-deductible donation receipt for all donations.

Contact für donation: info@kunstfelder-ev.de

Volunteer work forms the backbone of many of our projects. Those who work for Kunstfelder e.V. get to know artists and craftspeople from all over the world and actively help to realise artistic works. In addition to a lot of new experiences, we also like to reward volunteer work with a certificate for the work done.

Contact volunteers: martina.marschalk@kunstfelder-ev.de

We would like to thank all our volunteers, supporters and sponsors, without whom we would not be able to realise our projects.



We look forward to further cooperation!