“It’s about the art, not about the artist”: The artist BONA_BERLIN does not show herself in public – but her expressive, pop, modern art can be seen almost everywhere in the world, mostly in public spaces. In this ART TALK she gives us an insight into her motif world: faces that are only seemingly similar stand for diversity and variety. Shortly before the big shutdown, the artist curated Hamburg’s first all-female Street Art exhibition. Listen and see for yourself! 

Making art to think – in her ART TALK, Barbara Lüdde explains her way of working, of thinking and of being inspired. Because to her, art is rather a desire than a simple choice. In the visit to the hamburg artists’ atelier, we learn about her grayscale work portraying people, scenes and worlds with a keen eye for detail. To be released in late August: Her work of art for the MS ARTVILLE digital edition’s section DIGITAL ART.
His work “Abweg” (Detour) has turned DARKO CARAMELLO NIKOLIC into an all-star of our Open-Air Galery – And all his other installations stand out as well, due to their vibrant colours. In his ART TALK, he shares his inner drive to make art as well as how he found his style. Come see it at MS ARTVILLE and in August, when he opens his exhibition in the new OZM gallery.

With the friendly assistance of Behörde für Kultur und Medien, Hamburg.