The topic of 2019’s MS ARTVILLE is morgen:.

More than 20 well-established international and national artists as well as promising youngsters ask us and themselves today how we want to live tomorrow. morgen: – working within the field of tension between art, society and the future.

The ambiguity of the German word “morgen” (translating to both “tomorrow” and “morning”) already points to some aspects that the MS ARTVILLE is dealing with in this and the following years:

A greeting at the beginning as well as a glance to coming times. With diverse and creative means of art we ask ourselves as well as you: How do we want to live tomorrow?

On a very personal as well as global social level, in the big picture as well as in the smallest detail. Justice, sustainability and social cohesion; personal desires, dreams and fears; waymarks, and opportunities of participation. But we don’t just want to ask what the future will look like – we also want to identify and open up potential for joint planning, discussion and influence the future. Doing so, we understand tomorrow: not only as a curatorial objective, but as a holistic concept for every facet of the festival; the topic is also reflected in the site and programme design, communication and many other areas.