Who you gonna call? When it comes to beautiful things, the GHOSTBASTLERS – Nico and Nils from easyKISI invent, design and produce utility items. They use what they find and give a second life into old objects and materials. On their website they present lots of tutorials about this – and in our category DO IT YOURSELF they show you how to create a picture bar for your favorite poster in the finest GHOSTBASTLER manner.

Disposable coffee filters are so 90’s and yet not cool anymore. Let’s go to a waste-free kitchen with Charly from MINITOPIA! She shows you that you can start your morning routine with the Zero-Waste concept. The video shows you how to sew a coffee filter easily yourself. So let’s get to the scissors, fabric and sewing machine.

What is true? Who is part of the game? What is documentary, what is fiction? Blaues Licht gives an insight into the spray scene with its codes and clichés and fathoms nothing less than the soul of graffiti. Already in 2019 we showed this film by Sophie Sonntag and Rocco und seine Brüder at the MS ARTVILLE. Now you can stream the mockumentary for free from home.

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GIRL POWER is an important documentary that captures the stories of female graffiti artists from fifteen cities. However, the film is more than just a glimpse into the graffiti microcosm: in 2009, the Czech writer SANY decided to capture the emancipation of women in graffiti on film. It took her 7 years to complete the documentary. We follow and watch her life with graffiti, her motivation and her values, which are constantly changing over the years. 
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Community property – self-organization – solidarity: The film DAS IST UNSER HAUS! explains the solidarity model of the Mietshäuser Syndikat which helps financially weak groups to secure affordable rooms in community property on a long-term basis. This is why interest in this important initiative is growing in more and more people’s heads. The audience is motivated to start their own projects in the stable solidary context of the Mietshäuser Syndikat. 
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How exemplary can members of a CROWD work together? SANDRA TROSTEL’s film ALL CREATURES ARE WELCOME brings the world of hackers and nerds closer to an audience that is remote from technology. The result is a utopian picture of society in the digital age. Accompanied by the appeal “use hacking as a mindset”, the audience immerses itself in a documentary adventure game and explores the world of digital communities at the events of the Chaos Computer Clubs, Europe’s largest hacker association.
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ANDY STRAUß has an official website with very dubious contents. On that website, he writes about himself that he has been living in Münster since the beginning of the millennium. Somehow strange, we have the feeling to see him at about every second event in Hamburg. But never mind, don’t let us confuse you any more than Andy Strauß does. You better watch his video of SLAMVILLE 2019! 

You used to live on 12 square meters, but have now moved to a larger apartment? You might regret that after watching the video of LOTTA EMILIA. Her point of view: Happiness has little to do with material wealth such as a big apartment – but much more with human relationships.