We are looking for artistic projects from all kinds of art forms to become part of this year’s MS ARTVILLE festival in summer 2017 in Hamburg. We’ll be looking for fresh as well as long-known spatial and social oases – by means of a common interdisciplinary artistic process.


 29. July – 12. August 2017
in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

In demand are artistic projects from all kinds of art forms. They will be part of this year’s MS ARTVILLE festival in summer 2017 in Hamburg.

If you want to be part of the MS ARTVILLE 2017 send us your application. The application should include a concrete artistic idea for the festival and an extract from your previous artistic work in digital form via email. Please outline your idea for the project that you want to present at the MS ARTVILLE (29. July – 12. August); write texts and make sketches to communicate your idea as precisely as possible.

Sale of artwork: There is the possibility to sell the artworks from the field of fine arts to the festival guests, though it is not required to do so. If the artist decides to sell the artwork the MS ARTVILLE does not charge a commission. The entire revenue from sales go to the artist(s).

Application: The application should contain the following information:

  • Project proposal:
    1. Detailed outline of the idea (text + sketches)
    2. Cost calculation, including:
      • Material costs
      • Expected remuneration
      • Travel expenses
      • etc.
    3. Number of helpers for the construction on site (own & required helpers)
    4. Duration of the production phase / creation on site
    5. Additional remarks and information regarding the project idea
  • Portfolio with a selection of previous artistic works
  • Short biography
  • Photograph of the artist / the group of artists
  • Contact data of the contact person
  • If you are a group of artists: information about the composition of the group

Deadline for applications: 15. February 2017

Contact information: Please send you application to Do not hesitate to also write to this email address if you have further questions. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Selection of artists: The artists will be selected in March 2017 after the deadline of the tender.