TOPIC 2017



Last summer 21 international artists from 10 different countries have turned the MS ARTVILLE into a contemporary city of arts. Just like creative misfits the different pieces of art as well as the performances interfered in space in variety of ways.  They took a look behind the architectural enclosure and physical shape of the city, questioned social mechanisms, analysed existing structures and disturbed or changed the space they had been created in – for the better. That’s how, in 2016, both a real and utopian ghost town came into being.

For the rest of this year we’ll withdraw to reflect on what has been and to discover new places in a familiar environment. The city (of arts) does not live from the obvious but the non-evident: locations that aren’t visible at first glimpse, spots that are coincidentally and yet to be discovered while roaming around, and islands somewhere hidden in our urban ocean. In 2017, we’ll be choosing a new path in search for spatial and metaphysical oases situated in the MS ARTVILLE city of arts.

Together with international artists as well as our festivals visitors we‘ll dare to have a look at both depth and shallow within the MS ARTVILLE festival site and get to the bottom of the tense socio-spatial atmosphere of places (and non-places) – based on this year’s predominant topic Oases.
Oases, literally „inhabited places“, are surrounded by a remarkably distinctive environment. They are regarded as being the metaphysical source of inspiration and creativity. They may be a heavenly retreat just as a creative alternative to its surroundings. In Summer 2017, we’ll be looking for fresh as well as long-known spatial and social oases – by means of a common interdisciplinary artistic process.